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Honolulu DUI Expungement

DUI Attorney Honolulu recommends expungement if eligible

If you are arrested or charged with, but not convicted of a crime, you can apply to have that arrest “expunged” or erased from your criminal history record.

Your arrest record must meet certain criteria as specified by Hawaii Revised Statutes Section 831-3.2.

The process takes 120 days. Arrest records that have been expunged from your criminal history record are confidential and not available to the general public.  It is advised to have a DUI Attorney Honolulu guide you through this process.

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Link to expungement application form:


First Time applicant = $35.00

All others = $50.00

Cash or Money order made payable to the State of Hawaii.

No Personal or Business Checks accepted.

Return application and money order to:

Arrest Records Expunger

Hawaii Criminal Justice Data Center

Department of the Attorney General

465 S. King Street, Room 101

Honolulu, HI 96813


Link to Hawaii statute:


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