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Do I need a DUI Attorney Honolulu in my DUI defense?

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It is well within your rights to represent yourself in your DUI Honolulu defense. However it is not recommended and quite frankly this should be a last option. An expert DUI Attorney Honolulu is the most experienced and most qualified to handle the many complexities involved with your DUI case. These are some of the reasons that lawyers go to school for years to get very specialized education and training to learn their profession. The negative consequences of a botched DUI defense far outweigh the cost savings you may consider by defending yourself. Hiring an expert DUI attorney gives you a greater chance of success while defending your Honolulu DUI case.

You may be facing jail time heavy fines increases in your insurance and a”black mark”on your resume. All of these things are at risk. Should you not put your best foot forward and defending your legal rights to the maximum allowable by law?

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Should I hire a private DUI Attorney Honolulu or rely on my court appointed public defender?

It is true that a court-appointed public defender is a much more cost effective DUI defense. However there are several reasons why most people facing criminal DUI charges hire a private DUI attorney. In your situation, what you need is a specialist that is 100% focused on the type of charges you are facing. In most cases public defenders defend all types of cases which makes it next to impossible for them to be as effective as a DUI expert. It is highly recommended that you hire the most competent and experienced legal team that you are able to afford.

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